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Best form of workout


Hello peeps,

Welcome to 2017, we all strive through 2016 and all glad to make the journey either by land, sea, air or even through the black hole, we are all grateful to have made it. Now that we are here, we all know what is next, it’s always about keeping fit.

I say what is fitness? Most will say exercise, I always say it’s about moving your body at all times, constantly and consistently. How will you achieve that? Without have to run around in the cold or pay some bucks monthly from the little we earn. Do not get me wrong I am in a total support of working out, paying for it, is not a wrong thing but come to ask yourself can I do it for free? sure you can, How?


Dance is difficult to access because dance does not often leave behind clearly identifiable physical artifacts that last over millennia, such as stone tools, hunting implements or cave paintings. It is not possible to identify with exact precision when dance became part of human culture. However dance is a way of moving your entire body including your minds, it’s keep you energized, focus and even determined. You will hardly get tired from dancing because you can do it slow or fast, you can work all part of your body without lifting any heavy equipment in one single dance session.

So I say as we come into 2017 with the hypocrisy of the supermarkets feeding us with chocolate at the end of 2016 then bringing out the work out equipment in 2017 telling us to keep fit. Why keep us unfit in the first place. Remember there is joy in keeping fit using equipment, I Do, but we can also do it the easier way by Dancing. So this year let’s all Dance all through the year and that way we stay fit, healthy and even to top it up Happy.

Love from me


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    What are your actual sizes for small and medium??

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